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At Dr. Natural Products, helping you start your business is our business.
We offer different levels of distribution and start-up packages designed to fit any budget and capabilities. Dr. Natural Products® Distributors are guaranteed to have their full investment returned in a short period of time


Ideal for independent contractors, small-scale, & newly-established businesses

24 - 119 units

Low startup costs
Awesome profit margins
Fast return on investment


Suited for medium-scale & established companies

120 - 500+ units

Better pricing point
FREE Samples included for orders of 250 units & above
Prices quoted are in U.S. Dollar currency. If your business is based in Canada, prices are subject to 5% GST. FAST Delivery options Available!

Dr. Natural Solutions Inc. has taken the leader position in the market boasting worldwide distribution to 125 countries and expanding. With highest retention of customers in different industries, customers are assured of highest quality topical anesthetic cream backed up by superb management team, customer service, and fast delivery options.

Dr. Natural Solutions Inc. understands the urgent needs of customers worldwide, thus, continuously taking the active position of searching and assisting talented entrepreneurs who can carry on the culture of success that the company has built passionately over the years.

Why Become a Dr. Natural Products® Distributor?

Dr. Natural Products® Distribution model is smart and easy. It is also a business opportunity with a heart, not only does it promote financial success but also personal growth in many aspects. It remains steadfast in empowering businesses both big and small, which are now enjoying the high profitability of Dr. Natural Products®

With Dr. Natural Products®, individuals are in business for themselves, set their own working schedules, build their own customer bases and determine their own levels of success. Dr. Natural Products® is the stepping stone of those individuals who want to earn extra money while others have bigger goals such as replacing full-time income with a flexible opportunity that gives them greater control of their lives.

Even in business, Dr. Natural Products® lives up to its name and purpose – avoid unnecessary PAIN. There is definitely not a need to start from nothing, here’s why:

Align business with a Global brand. Sell a trusted and well-established brand both online and offline markets. Dr. Natural Solutions® has been in the pharmaceutical circulation since 2009 and has created successful brand recognition and strong affinity to loyal customers worldwide.

Affordable product with high Return of Investment. Only Dr. Natural Products® has the ability give the lowest prices for wholesale and distribution among all other numbing cream competitors. The goal of the Company is to expand in all possible ways it could and one way is increasing the sales force by making Dr. Natural Products® more affordable and accessible to many individuals and distributors.

Easy setup. Run Dr. Natural Products® business anywhere – on the internet or in person, full-time or part-time.

Buyers contact you directly. Dr. Natural Solutions Inc. built its foundation by communicating directly to the customers through interactive Customer Service which led to profound customer satisfaction. In effect, the popularity of Dr. Natural Products® spread like wildfire and is now being advertised through word-of-mouth most of time. The product was able to draw upon the positive and amazing experiences of those customers who enjoyed the benefits.

Over the years, the Natural Products Industry has evolved and made a significant contribution in the Health Care system by providing effective and less invasive dermal pain management benefited by both young and adult populations. The two graphs shows the increasing influence of Natural Products worldwide.